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Promoting to the first page in Google

I am Andrii Kurshatsov, a specialist in promoting your business to the TOP of Google. Founder of the website promotion studio - SEOinar. I work with Ukrainian and English businesses. I brought my websites to the first page - I will promote your websites to the TOP!

My mission is "To benefit and develop business and economy in Ukraine and Europe by promoting business to the first positions in the Google search engine".

My SEO experience

Specialization: websites promotion on WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Next.js in Google in Ukraine and Europe for Ukrainians.

Experience: in SEO since 2008, 15+ years, brought 100+ websites to the first page of Google.

My websites: Fartlek, Insurances, Murals

My location

I work in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and also remotely.

I communicate in Skype/Zoom/Viber/Telegram.

My SEO certificates

My SMM certificates

SMM sertificate Kurshatsov Andrii

My English certificate

English sertificate Kurshatsov Andrii

My Fullstack Developer certificate

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